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LIC's NEWJEEVAN ANAND (815) New Jeevan Anand is a With Profits Assurance PlanIt's a non linked plan which offers an attractive combination of Protection plus SavingsMaturity Benefit : Basic sum assured plus Vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses plus Final Additional BonusesDeath Benefit : During the policy : “Sum Assured on Death” plus Vested Simple Reversionary Bonuses plus Final Additional BonusesAfter expiry of policy term : Basic Sum AssuredLoan : Available after payment of 3 full years premiums. For more details feel free to contact your Best LIC Insurance Agents and Advisor Ahmed Uddin.
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JEEVAN LABH. Invest 1 Lakh for 10 yrs & Get 1.5 Lakhs lifetime after 16th Yr & Create Estate worth 19 Lakhs for Family from LIC. Call now for more details Best LIC Insurance Agents and Advisor Ahmed Uddin. LIC of India.
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My name is Ahmed Uddin Insurance Agents and Advisor from LIC of India. We specialize in helping families to maximise their savings for future. My job is to provide assistance to our customers in buying Life Insurance, Savings Plans, Child Education and Marriage plans, Retirement and Pension Plans, NRI Insurance Plans, Health Plans, ULIP plans and many other customized products which are suitable for an individual and his family. HELPING YOU TO WRITE YOUR FAMILY FUTURE. Please do contact me for any LIC related query or services.
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40 but haven't invested for Retirement? There is still hope! Invest 10 Lacs once and then only 4216 monthly for 20 years to secure you and your spouse. On maturity after 20 years get a lumpsum of 20 Lacs at the age 60 years. Then yearly pension of Rs. 68649 from the next year for life. In case of unfortunate event your spouse gets an annual pension of Rs. 68649 for life. For more information give a call to Best LIC Insurance Agents and Advisor today.... Ahmed Uddin. Ahmed Financial Solutions.
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Can I be of any help to you? In Saving your money for your daughter's marriage, In helping you during your Investments and Maturities, In caring for your kid's studies, In accumulating your retirement benefits into something worthy, In Insuring your health, Term Plan, Investments, Cancer cover, Always with you From Assurance to Insurance, All LIC plans suiting your needs. So what are you waiting for. Just give me a call your Best LIC Insurance Agents and Advisor... Ahmed Uddin Insurance Adivisor LIC of India.