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LIC's JEEVAN AKSHAY plan no. (189) LIC's Best Pension plan. INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW : LIC's Jeevan Akshay VI is an immediate Annuity plan that provides annuity payouts immediately after the premium payment for a financially secured life after Retirement. Key Features of Jeevan Akshay Plan : * It is an Immediate Annuity Plan with single premium option where the annuity starts immediately after Premium payment from the next chosen date. * The annuity option can be chosen for a single life (Policyholder & Spouse). * No Medicals check-up required for LIC's JEEVAN AKSHAY. * The annuity option are : a. Life Annuity at a uniform rate. b. Lifetime Annuity with Return of Purchase Price. c. Life Annuity guaranteed for 5/10/15 or 20 years and thereafter payable for life. d. Life Annuity increasing at a simple rate of 3% per annum. e. Annuity for life with 50% annuity to Spouse after annuitant's death. f. Annuity for life with 100% to spouse after the annuitant's death. g. Annuity for life with 100% annuity for spouse after annuitant's death and also Return of Purchase Price after death of the last Survivor. BENEFITS OF JEEVAN AKSHAY PLAN. * Annuity payouts will be paid as per the frequency chosen immediately after the Premium Paid. * Income tax benefit on the Premium Paid as per Section 80CCC of Income Tax Act. For more information & details about Pension & Retirement Plan contact : Ahmed Uddin, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
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LIC has started SMS services Ask LIC in which any policy Holder can know LIC Policy Status through SMS. Please check the attachment for more detailed information..... Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
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THE INSURANCE AGENT's PROMISE. * Protecting your family's future is my responsibility & I don't take it lightly. * I promise to safeguard the families of those I insure as my own family. * This is the key to my professional success and my personal fulfillment. To get insured and best LIC Plan to secure your loved ones gimme a call 📞 Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
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LIC's NEW ENDOWMENT PLAN Plan (814) New Endowment Plan (814) of LIC, is a basic Life insurance plan which provides adequate life cover during Policy's term and on maturity, this plan provides a healthy amount which can be used to fulfill financial requirements like Children's higher education and Marriage. This may be recommended for everyone because of following reasons : * A sound combination of Life insurance and Investment. * Low premium in comparison other plan in this category. * Eligible for Bonus and Final Additional Bonus declared by LIC. * Comparatively higher Bonus. *Double Accidental benefit with Rider. % Tax savings on Premium paid. * Tax free returns on Maturity. For more details about New Endowment Plan (814) contact : Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Policy Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
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LIC's AADHAAR STAMBH Plan No. (843) This plan is exclusively designed for MALE LIVES having Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI. This Plan shall be available to standard lives only without any medical examination and the total Sum Assured under all the policies issued to an individual under this plan shall not exceed Rs. 3 Lacs. PAYMENT MODES : Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly (ECS NAACH). TERM : 10 to 20 Years. Maximum Sum Assured : 3 Lacs. Income Tax Benefits : * Premium paid under this plan is eligible for Tax Rebate under section 80C. * Maturity under this plan is free under section 10 (10D) For more details about Aadhaar Stambh contact me : Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :