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1. DEATH 2. LIC ADVISOR. Death is certain and will come one day, but those are lucky who has approached by an LIC Advisor before Death.... If you are Born poor, it's not your Mistake, But if you Die poor, it's your Mistake. Call me and get Insured before Angel of Death (Azrael or Yamraaj) knock your Door...... Mobile @ 9966217344, Ahmed Uddin, Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad, Telangana. Best LIC Plans available, Jeevan Anand, Jeevan Labh, Jeevan Shiromani, Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Akshay, Jeevan Umang, Jeevan Tarun, Child Money Back Plan, Bima Shree, Limited Endowment Plan, Single Premium Endowment Plan, New Endowment Plan, Aadhaar Stambh, Aadhaar Shiela, LIC Crorepati Plan, Best Plans for Retirement, Best Pension Schemes & Plans, Best Child Education Plans, Best Insurance Plans Best Investment Plans........
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28-MAR-2018 LIC TO LEND 5, 000 CR FOR RAILWAY PROJECTS Railways projects will be funded by LIC at a cost of 30 bps over the 10-year government bonds. These will be guaranteed by the Finance Ministry, said a release issued here on Monday. The funds will be available for 30 years as per an MoU, said the release. The Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) has been raising funds from LIC by issuing bonds having a tenor of 30 years and remitting the funds to the Ministry of Railways for construction of projects. The Ministry of Finance has approved government guarantee of Rs.5, 000 crore in the current financial year for IRFC bonds to be subscribed by LIC. The guarantee fee for the aforesaid amount has also been waived by the Ministry. The Ministry of Railways had entered into an MoU with LIC on March 11, 2015, by which LIC has to provide a financial assistance of Rs.1.5 lakh crore for identified railway projects from 2015 to 2019, it added. Source: Business Line With Regards, Ahmed Uddin Financial Planner 9966217344
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WANT TO BUY YOUR HOUSE IN NEXT 12 YEARS........? Invest only Rs. 515/- per day for 12 years and Rs. 29, 30, 000 after 12 years from LIC. For more details contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ Mobile no. 9966217344, Website : Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad.
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LIC's Best Single Premium Endowment Plan. Your Bonus this year can become your Child's College Fund. Invest Rs. 4, 70, 000 in Single Premium Deposit and get Rs. 27, 50, 000 Tax free after 25 yrs as maturity benefit. For more details contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin Mobile : 9966217344. Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Advisor, LIC of India, Hyderabad, Telangana.