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Buy LIC Policy Today and Secure your Loved ones Financially, because no one will take care of your responsibilities in your absence. Just think for a minute your family needs your support even in your absence. Have you ever thought about it that how will you how will you do so??? Life is unpredictable. You will never know what is coming next..... Always be ready... To protect yourself call Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad Ahmed Uddin. Contact No. 9966217344, email :
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BUY YOUR DREAM CAR AND PROPERTY by just paying Rs. 16, 390 Per Month for 16 years and get first pay out after 16 years of Rs. 17 Lacs, get a 9 years premium holiday after 16 years payment then after 25 years get a Lump sum of 81 Lacs as a Retirement Benefit or fulfill your Dream. For more details contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad Ahmed Uddin, Mobile No. 9966217344, email :
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LIC's Retirement and Pension Plan. Pay Rs. 15, 000 monthly for 30 years and get a Guaranteed Pension of Rs 4, 80, 000 every year for Lifetime with Family Fund of Rs 4 Crores. Don't be dependent on your Children's promise that they will take care of you in your Old Age. As time changes their priorities also changes and they may not do much for you even if they want to.... Your Retirement Planning is not their responsibility, It's truly Yours! It's never too early to think about Retirement. Start Saving Today for a Bet Tomorrow. Even NRIs can buy this Retirement Plan. For more details on LIC's Best Retirement Plan feel free to contact your Best LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor in Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin, Mobile No. 9966217344.
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SAVE TAX by planning in Advance. Don't leave it to the end of Financial year. TAX PLANNING requires careful consideration of your Finances. We are always at your Service with our best Planning and Investment Policies, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Pension Plans, Tax Saving Plans, Life Insurance, NRI Insurance cum Investment Plans, Child Education Plans, Marriage Plans, Endowment Plans, Single Premium Plans and Money Back Plans. Call me today your Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin, Mobile No. 9966217344
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LIC's NEW JEEVAN ANAND PLAN is a participating Whole Life Endowment Plan with various advantages. It provides financial protection against death throughout the lifetime of the Life Assured with the provision of payment of a lump sum at the end of the selected term in case of his or her survival. Maturity Benefits : incase the Life Insured survives the entire tenure of the policy then a Basic Sum Assured amount along with the accured Bonus is paid to the insured as maturity Benefit after the completion of whole policy year. Premiums are payable Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly and Monthly as opted by You. Besides Indian Citizens, the LIC New Jeevan Anand is also available for NRI's and they can avail policy whenever they wish to become insured. The Non-Resident Indians (NRI) are eligible to buy an Insurance Plan from LIC. Loan can be availed under the policy provided the policy has acquired a surrender value and subject to the terms and conditions as the company may specify from time to time. LIC Jeevan Anand offers Tax benefit to the insured on the Premium Paid and on the claims received, Under Section 80C and 10(10d) of the Income Tax Act. For more details on LIC's Best Plan NEW JEEVAN ANAND feel free to contact the Best LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor of Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin Mobile No. 9966217344.