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I'm The Best LIC Insurance Agent in Your Area! Hello! I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Ahmed Uddin, LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor. I've been in the Business for 10 years, and my experience will help you do your Financial Planning. Please call me for details on LIC's Retirement plan and LIC’s Pension Plan, LIC's Child Plan and Child Education Plan, LIC's Endowment Plans, LIC's Money Back Plans, Single Premium Plans and ULIP Plans feel free to contact me; Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, 9966217344.
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LIC's BEST PENSION PLAN.... JEEVAN UMANG (845) LIC's Jeevan Umang plan offers a combination of Income and Protection to your family. Jeevan Umang is a whole life plan ideal for the purpose of Pension as it provides yearly benefits upto 100 years of age. This plan offers 8% of Sum Assured (Insurance Amount) after the premium payment term - till you are alive or till the age of 100 years, Life Insurance coverage upto 100 years. TAX Benefits on premiums, Death Benefit and Maturity. For more details on LIC's Retirement and Pension Plan feel free to contact Best LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor Ahmed Uddin. Mobile : 9966217344,
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LIC's JEEVAN SPARSH... Limited Premium Money Back Plan. Save just Rs.300 per day for 15 years with LIC & turn your dreams to reality. Get assured payout of 1 lakh from 16-20 yr, 5 lakh from 21-24th yr & 10 lac in 25th & 26th yr. Total returns from LIC Rs. 45 Lacs. For more details on LIC's Jeevan Sparsh feel free to contact me @ 9966217344 Ahmed Uddin Best Insurance Advisor and Agent. (Life Insurance Corporation of India )
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LIC's CHILD PLAN JEEVAN TARUN... Plan No (834) LIC's Jeevan Tarun plan is Child Money Back Plan which is specially designed for securing your Child Education, through yearly payouts of a percentage of your sum assured. This plan can be purchased by Parent or Grand Parent for their 0-12 years old Child. Policy Term : This is the period for which you wish to have the cover. The term end when the Child reaches the age of 25 years. Premium Payment Term : You need to pay premiums till the Child reaches the age of 20 years. Maturity Benefits : If Child Survives till the end of the Policy term, he will get the Sum Assured + Bonus on Maturity at the age of 25 years + He will get the Money Back of 15% of Sum Assured from age 20-24 years. Premium Waiver Benefit Rider is also available in this plan. Loan : You can avail a loan against this policy after you have paid 3 years of Premium. For more details on LIC's Child Plan JEEVAN TARUN Plan No(836) feel free to contact your Best LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor @ Ahmed Uddin. Mobile : 9966217344,
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LIC Tax Savings plans with Life Insurance and Guaranteed returns are considered to be the best of all Investments for Salaried people, Self Employed, NRI's, Professionals and Businessmen. LIC Insurance premium is the best way to SAVE your TAX under 80C of Income tax act. Everybody is doing it. It's called LIC Insurance. A Day without Insurance is like a Day without Sunshine....... For Best LIC Tax Saving Plans, Investment Plans, Child Education Plans, Marriage Plans, Retirement Plans, Pension Plans, NRI Plans, Crorepati Plan, Endowment Plans, Money Back Plans, ULIP Plan and Single Premium Plans. Feel free to contact me @ 9966217344. Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India.