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THUMB RULES OF FINANCIAL PLANNING. 1. 30% Income must be used for monthly living expenses. 2. 30% Income must be used for Liabilities Repayments, if any.... 3. 30% Income must be SAVED & INVESTED for your future living. 4. 10% Income must be spared for ENTERTAINMENTS, VACATIONS. 5. 6 Months expenses must be available for EMERGENCY FUND. (Invested in LIQUID FUND, FD Etc). 6. HOME LOAN must be taken on Husband and Wife's name. (Both can get benefits on Home Loan Tax Benefits). 7. Have joint account @ Bank Savings Account. 8. Property must be registered on both Husband and wife name. 9. Only in Insurance policy, Claims payable to Nominee. In other financial instruments legal heirs certificate is must to get back the settlement. 10. Insurance as per HLV is a must to financially secure future of your dependents..... For your Financial Planning just give me a call 📞, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent. Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
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