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Regular Investment is like a Daily Walk 🚶 in the Park 🏞. A single walk 🚶 will not make any difference but walking 🚶 regularly with discipline over the years will make you healthy and fit. Similarly Regular Investment over the years with discipline will make you Wealthy and help you to reach your Life Goals. LIC offers Regular Investment with Zero Risks, Financial Security & Assured Returns. For best LIC Insurance Plans contact me. Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile :9966217344 Email :
LIC's JEEVAN AKSHAY plan no. (189) LIC's Best Pension plan. INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW : LIC's Jeevan Akshay VI is an immediate Annuity plan that provides annuity payouts immediately after the premium payment for a financially secured life after Retirement. Key Features of Jeevan Akshay Plan : * It is an Immediate Annuity Plan with single premium option where the annuity starts immediately after Premium payment from the next chosen date. * The annuity option can be chosen for a single life (Policyholder & Spouse). * No Medicals check-up required for LIC's JEEVAN AKSHAY. * The annuity option are : a. Life Annuity at a uniform rate. b. Lifetime Annuity with Return of Purchase Price. c. Life Annuity guaranteed for 5/10/15 or 20 years and thereafter payable for life. d. Life Annuity increasing at a simple rate of 3% per annum. e. Annuity for life with 50% annuity to Spouse after annuitant's death. f. Annuity for life with 100% to spouse after the annuitant's death. g. Annuity for life with 100% annuity for spouse after annuitant's death and also Return of Purchase Price after death of the last Survivor. BENEFITS OF JEEVAN AKSHAY PLAN. * Annuity payouts will be paid as per the frequency chosen immediately after the Premium Paid. * Income tax benefit on the Premium Paid as per Section 80CCC of Income Tax Act. For more information & details about Pension & Retirement Plan contact : Ahmed Uddin, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
Benefits of Life Insurance...... * Life Insurance provides an infusion of cash for dealing the adverse financial consequences of the Insured's Death. * Life Insurance is one of the most widely available and used financial product being used by People. * A regular paying LIC Policy helps you to save on Taxes, upto 1.5 Lacs of your invested money is exempt from tax deduction under 80C of Income tax act. * Child Education Plan an important tool to help you plan your investments to give wings your Child's Dreams. Getting right Education is the stepping stone to your Child's dreams. For more details on : @ Best Insurance Plans, @ Best Retirement Plans, @ Best Pension Plans, @ Best Child Education Plan, @ Best Marriage Plans, @ Best Investment Plans, @ Best Money Back Plans, @ Best Single Premium Plans, @ Best Endowment Plans. contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ 9966217344, Website : Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad. Plans available with us, LIC's Jeevan Pragati, LIC's Jeevan Labh, LIC's Jeevan Anand, LIC's Jeevan Lakshya, LIC's Jeevan Akshay, LIC's Jeevan Rakshak, LIC's Jeevan Shiromani, LIC's Jeevan Tarun, LIC's Child Money Back Plans, LIC's Bima Shree Plan, LIC's Limited Premium Endowment Plan, LIC's New Endowment Plan, LIC's Single Premium Endowment Plan, LIC's Aadhaar Shila, LIC's Aadhaar Stambh.
LIC's Best Single Premium Endowment Plan. Your Bonus this year can become your Child's College Fund. Invest Rs. 4, 70, 000 in Single Premium Deposit and get Rs. 27, 50, 000 Tax free after 25 yrs as maturity benefit. For more details contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin Mobile : 9966217344. Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Advisor, LIC of India, Hyderabad, Telangana.
Plan :Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana(842) Product Summary : "Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana" (Plan No. 842) is a Government subsidized Scheme which shall provide an assured return of 8% p.a.payable monthly (i.e. equivalent to 8.30% p.a.) on the pensioner surviving during the policy term of 10 years for citizens aged 60 years and above. Premium Payment Mode: Single Premium Mode of Pension payment: • The modes of pension payment are monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & yearly. The pension payment shall be through NEFT OR Aadhaar Enabled Payment System only. Pension Rate : • Yearly : 8.30 • Halfly : 8.13 • Quarterly : 8.05 • Monthly : 8.00 Minimum Entry Age : 60 Year Completed Maximum Entry Age : No Limit Minimum Sum Assured : • Yearly : 1, 44, 578 • Halfly : 1, 47, 601 • Quarterly : 1, 49, 068 • Monthly : 1, 50, 000 Maximum Sum Assured : • Yearly : 7, 22, 892 • Halfly : 7, 38, 007 • Quarterly : 7, 45, 342 • Monthly : 7, 50, 000 Min-Max Pension Limit : • Minimum Pension: Rs. 1, 000/- per Month Rs. 3, 000/- per Quarter Rs. 6, 000/- per Half-year Rs. 12, 000/- per Year • Maximum Pension: Rs. 5, 000/- per Month Rs. 15, 000/- per Quarter Rs. 30, 000/- per Half-year Rs. 60, 000/- per Year Policy Benefits : On Death : On death, the full purchase price will be refunded to nominee. Surrendered Value : Surrender would be allowed in special circumstances like critical / terminal illness of self or spouse. The Surrender Value payable in such cases shall be 98% of Purchase Price. Loan : Loan (up to 75% of subscribed amount) can be availed after 3 years from the Date of Commencement.
Impact of GST on Life Insurance. With the hike in post - GST rates to 18% from the current 15%, impact of GST on Insurance will increase the premiums especially for families that pay for health and Pure Term Insurance. The are 3 types of life insurance : * Term insurance plans - basic life insurance policies. *ULIPs-insurance and investment under a single integrated plan. * Endowment (including Money Back)- life insurance policies that pay a lump sum on maturity/death or a fixed sum every month (sort of like a pension). For more details contact : Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile :9966217344 Email :
Plan your Expenses after Retirement Today for Best Retirement plans or a Pension Plan or a Life Insurance Policy gimme a call on # 9966217344, Best LIC Agent in Hyderabad, Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Mehdipatnam Branch, Hyderabad. Best Life insurance plans, Best Insurance in India, Best Insurance Policy, Best Retirement and Pension Plans, Best Child Education and Marriage Plans, Best Money Back Plans, Best Single Premium Plans, Best Endowment Plans, Best Coverage Plans, Best Tax Savings Plans.
Hurry up Time is running out........ Save Tax....... You still have time left to SAVE your Salary! The deadline for Tax declaration is very near. But you still have the last few days left. Do your TAX planning now, and Save more taxes on your next Salary. Before it's too late! Give Me a call and I can help you with your TAX Planning @ 9966217344. Best Insurance Agent in Hyderabad Ahmed Uddin, Ahmed Financial Solutions, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad, Telangana. Other LIC Schemes or Plan available for Tax planning. Jeevan Anand, New Endowment Plan, Jeevan Labh, Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Tarun, Jeevan Shiromani, Jeevan Umang, Jeevan Akshay, Ltd Endowment Plan, Child Money Back Plan, Bima Shree, New Money Back Plan, Bima Bachat, Single Premium Endowment Plan, Endowment Plus, Aadhaar Shila and Aadhaar Stambh, Kanyadaan Plan, Marriage Plans, Child Education Plans, Retirement & Pension Plans, Tax Saving Plans.
Hurry up Time is running out..... Save Tax.... Save Tax.... Save Tax.... For more details on LIC's Tax Saving Plans feel free to contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ Ahmed Uddin, Mobile : 9966217344, Website : Ahmed Financial Solutions, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad, Telangana. Tax Saving Plan under 80C are as follows, Jeevan Anand, Jeevan Labh, Jeevan Lakshya, Jeevan Umang, Jeevan Tarun, Jeevan Akshay, Jeevan Shiromani, Jeevan Pragati, Jeevan Nidhi, Jeevan Rakshak, Bima Shree, Child Money Back Plan, New Money Back Plan, Bima Bachat, Limited Endowment Plan, Endowment Plus, Single Premium Endowment Plan, Aadhaar Stambh, Aadhaar Sheila, Crorepati Plan, Best Plan for Child Education Plan, Best Marriage Plan, Best Retirement Plans, Pension Plans and Schemes, Best Insurance cum Investment plans....