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With Our New Money Back Plan get a SURVIVAL BENEFIT every 5 Years for more details about this Plan please contact me Mobile No: 9966217344 Email :
I am an Insurance Agent, Always there to help You, Contact me for all kinds of best and Policy. Retirement & Pension Plans, Marriage & Endowment Plan, Child Education Plan & Money Back Plan. Ahmed LIC Agent Mobile :9966217344, email :
If you can spend money to insure your home and car, why not spend some money to guarantee your Child's education with LIC.... For details about best Child Plans and best Educational plans please give me a call 📞, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile :9966217344, Email :
Doing these 4 things can harm your financial health! Money lying idle in banks in savings account. Putting all our money in one type of investment. Continuing with an insurance cover which is not adequate any more. Starting retirement planning late in life. To improve your financial health contact me....... Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
Impact of GST on Life Insurance. With the hike in post - GST rates to 18% from the current 15%, impact of GST on Insurance will increase the premiums especially for families that pay for health and Pure Term Insurance. The are 3 types of life insurance : * Term insurance plans - basic life insurance policies. *ULIPs-insurance and investment under a single integrated plan. * Endowment (including Money Back)- life insurance policies that pay a lump sum on maturity/death or a fixed sum every month (sort of like a pension). For more details contact : Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile :9966217344 Email :