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4 Habits that can harm your financial health. 1. Procrastination ~ Do not think you can invest in the future. Do it now! 2. Staying uninformed ~ Understand your Investments and their Returns. 3. Being Risk - averse, Always ~ Understand the risk associated with your Investments, rather avoiding it. 4. Not taking Expert Help ~ You can use expert financial advisers to find the best investments of your goals. For Expert Advice contact me, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile. : 9966217344, Email :
Benefits of LIC 1. Financial protection for Family 👪, 2. Investment discipline, 3. Goal specific financial planning, 4. Tax Saving.
Be Smart and Protect your Loved ones with LIC's Family Protection Plan and Investment Plans for your Better and Safer Tomorrow..... For details please contact me Ahmed LIC Agent, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad. mobile 9966217344 email :
preview *GOOD NEWS* LIC pays 40% more Bonus, Dividend. With higher profits from its huge Investments portfolio. Life Insurance Corporation has decided to pay 40% higher bonuses and dividends to the Government and its Customers, respectively in Financial Year 2016-2017.
Double your Investment & Get Insurance coverage for whole life along with the Income tax rebate under section 80 C. Also get Maturity returns tax free under section 10 10d of Income Tax act. For more details please contact me, Ahmed Uddin Financial Planner, Agent, Mehdipatnam Branch, Mobile : 9966217344, Email :
What is your Insurance Portfolio? Your Insurance portfolio should cover the following : Tax Planning, Uncontrollable Risk, Investment Planning, Emergency Funding, Children's Education Funding, Marriage Funding, Retirement Planning, Loan Availability. To get it right just call me @ Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344, Email :
Create your own WEALTH Your parents are not your EMERGENCY FUND Your children will not be your RETIREMENT FUND You just need to have a proper planning and risk free investment. Contact me for more details Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
Doing these 4 things can harm your financial health! Money lying idle in banks in savings account. Putting all our money in one type of investment. Continuing with an insurance cover which is not adequate any more. Starting retirement planning late in life. To improve your financial health contact me....... Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the only public sector LIC in India. It was founded in 1956 with the merger of more than 245 Insurance companies and provident societies. It is the largest Life Insurance company in India with over 2000 Branches and over 14 Lakhs Agents to solicit Life Insurance Business in the country. LIC provides wide range of Life Insurance Plans from Pure Term Insurance Plan to Savings and Investment products. LIC has 8 Zonal Offices and 113 Divisional Offices. LIC has an average Claim settlement ratio of 98.2% which makes it one of the most trusted insurers in the country. For more details on Plans contact me; Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344 Email :