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Benefits of "LIFE INSURANCE"; Life insurance offers you following benefits - * PROTECTION * SAVINGS * WEALTH CREATION *TAX SAVING *LOAN OPTION ADVANTAGES OF LIFE INSURANCE *LIFE COVER or PROTECTION: This is the most important and primary benefit of Life insurance policy. The Life Cover is the amount that your insurance company pays to your nominee in case of an unfortunate event during the Policy Term. The amount ensures that your Loved ones future is secure, even in your absence. *SAVINGS: Take for instance insurance savings plans that can not only take care of your family, but also provide you you the much needed flexibility to withdraw money from your policy in order to support major or minor events of your life without you having to surrender your policy. *WEALTH CREATION : We all have dreams and want to achieve key milestones of our lives like building our home, funding education of our children, providing the best lifestyle to our families and many more. In order to achieve these dreams, one should have a financial goal in mind and work towards achieving it. LIC Plans strive to give a guaranteed return on maturity that is tax-free and the financial security of a life cover. An Endowment policy is a life insurance contract designed to pay a lump sum after a specific time (on its maturity) or on death. * TAX SAVING: Life insurance policies can be useful tax planning tool, because the policy holder is eligible for tax benefits under Income tax act 1961. 80C ~ Deduction is available amounting to Rs. 1, 50, 000/-. The deduction would be available for life insurance premium paid. 10 (10D) ~ Any sum received under a life insurance policy, including the allocated by the way of bonus on such policy will be exempted from tax. * LOAN OPTION Many of our plans are of Endowment type and you would be allowed to raise a loan against your policy should you require funds. You repay loan with interest or continue paying the interest and allow the loan to be deducted at the time of the claim payment. Most financial institutions too allow loans against LIC Policy based on the value LIC quotes on request from you. For assistance contact me, . Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Agent, Mobile : 9966217344, Email :
Benefits of Life Insurance...... * Life Insurance provides an infusion of cash for dealing the adverse financial consequences of the Insured's Death. * Life Insurance is one of the most widely available and used financial product being used by People. * A regular paying LIC Policy helps you to save on Taxes, upto 1.5 Lacs of your invested money is exempt from tax deduction under 80C of Income tax act. * Child Education Plan an important tool to help you plan your investments to give wings your Child's Dreams. Getting right Education is the stepping stone to your Child's dreams. For more details on : @ Best Insurance Plans, @ Best Retirement Plans, @ Best Pension Plans, @ Best Child Education Plan, @ Best Marriage Plans, @ Best Investment Plans, @ Best Money Back Plans, @ Best Single Premium Plans, @ Best Endowment Plans. contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad @ 9966217344, Website : Ahmed Uddin, Insurance Advisor, LIC Of India 🇮🇳, Hyderabad. Plans available with us, LIC's Jeevan Pragati, LIC's Jeevan Labh, LIC's Jeevan Anand, LIC's Jeevan Lakshya, LIC's Jeevan Akshay, LIC's Jeevan Rakshak, LIC's Jeevan Shiromani, LIC's Jeevan Tarun, LIC's Child Money Back Plans, LIC's Bima Shree Plan, LIC's Limited Premium Endowment Plan, LIC's New Endowment Plan, LIC's Single Premium Endowment Plan, LIC's Aadhaar Shila, LIC's Aadhaar Stambh.
LIC is the only Organization who takes care of a person's family's needs, present or future. I am a proud Agent of this esteemed Organization. This is a business choice with freedom. What adds further to our LIC Agency, is the attachment and membership with the creative group. Setting 'Goals', seeing 'Dreams' and achieving targets with great zeal and enthusiasm are the key factors of successful life of an Insurance Agent. This is Ahmed from LIC. I offer you best Insurance services in Hyderabad. I am a consultant and a professional expert in Insurance, with a high level of integrity and a strong commitment in your welfare. My mission is to be a leader in insurance advisory by developing and delivering high quality and reliable services to cater to the needs of my customers and explore and enhance the quality of life of people through financial security by providing LIC products and our services. My Aim is to serve customers according to their requirement and advice suitable plans to them. I feel blessed, proud and privileged to be one of those who get chosen by the Almighty to serve mankind. I choose Life insurance industry with a wish to contribute towards mankind in my own unique way. Proud to be an LICian. Ahmed Uddin, Ahmed Financial Solutions, Mobile : 9966217344, Email :
LIC's Best Child Plan....... Never let your Child be left out of his Dreams! Pay only Rs. 23687/- monthly and fulfill everything your Child deserves in life....... and get Net Returns during life time upto Rs 1 Crore Tax free. For more details on Child Plan feel free to contact Best LIC Agent in Hyderabad @ 9966217344 Email : website : LIC of India, Hyderabad. Telangana. Other Plans available; * Best LIC Pension Plan, * Best LIC Retirement Plan, * Best LIC Child Plan, * Best LIC Child Education Plan, * Best LIC Marriage Plans, * Best LIC Female Insurance Plan, * Best LIC plan for Women, * Best LIC Endowment Plan, * Best LIC Crorepati Plan, * Best LIC Insurance Plan, * Best Coverage Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad, Best LIC Life Insurance Advisor. .
Do you Love your Family.... Yes or No? Can you think of two people who will take care of your Family in your absence? Whatever the situation, you can always trust Life Insurance. Invest your money in such a way that it secures your dreams of your loved ones and also allows you to leave a legacy behind. Invest only Rs. 12, 719/- monthly and get a Lumpsum of 62 Lacs as maturity after 21 years. In case of any unfortunate event, your family gets a financial protection upto 62 Lacs. For more details on LIC's Best Insurance cum Investment plans call your Best LIC Insurance Agent Ahmed Uddin. Mobile :9966217344.
LIC's JEEVAN SPARSH... Limited Premium Money Back Plan. Save just Rs.300 per day for 15 years with LIC & turn your dreams to reality. Get assured payout of 1 lakh from 16-20 yr, 5 lakh from 21-24th yr & 10 lac in 25th & 26th yr. Total returns from LIC Rs. 45 Lacs. For more details on LIC's Jeevan Sparsh feel free to contact me @ 9966217344 Ahmed Uddin Best Insurance Advisor and Agent. (Life Insurance Corporation of India )
LIC's JEEVAN LAKSHYA PLAN... Dear Dad and Mom, As I am your Lovable Son/Daughter to you, I wanted to convey my wish to you. Many times I have noticed you talking to your friends and relatives that you have dreams to make me a Doctor or an Engineer. Even I have the same wish as you have. Today morning when I was going to my school, I saw an LIC poster. It mentioned that LIC offers 3 plans for Children like me. Out of which one plan assures the dream of you and me. The plan was Jeevan Lakshya. When children like me reach the stage of higher studies (Doctor or Engineer) this plan is said to pay money. I know pretty well that my Dad and Mom would have planned to save some money for my future. So I would like to ask you "Why not we take an LIC Plan from the amount saved for me?" Will you take Jeevan Lakshya Plan for me? If it is assuring to support my higher studies, is it not advisable to go for one? Please call Ahmed Uncle to Secure my future today. Yours Lovingly, Loving Son/Daughter.