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Regular Investment is like a Daily Walk 🚶 in the Park 🏞. A single walk 🚶 will not make any difference but walking 🚶 regularly with discipline over the years will make you healthy and fit. Similarly Regular Investment over the years with discipline will make you Wealthy and help you to reach your Life Goals. LIC offers Regular Investment with Zero Risks, Financial Security & Assured Returns. For best LIC Insurance Plans contact me. Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent, Mobile :9966217344 Email :
LIC's JEEVAN ANAND SAFE LIFE PLAN A Wonderful plan for Retirement from No. 1 Insurance company LIC, Best Pension Plan in LIC, Just pay Rs. 300 daily or Rs. 9000 per month for 25 years and get Rs. 4.50 Lacs per year for Lifetime with Family Fund of Rs. 89 Lacs starts from 26th years onwards. Don't let your INCOME RETIRE with you. Plan for the Golden Period of your life. For more details on LIC's Retirement plan feel free to contact Best LIC Insurance Agent in Hyderabad Ahmed Uddin, Mobile No. 9966217344. Email :
Protect the Ones you love. Think ahead of your daily responsibilities like school fees and bills.Secure your loved ones financially, Secure your Loans and Debts, Build a Retirement corpus, safeguard your Business. Call me now to know more your Best LIC Insurance Agents and Advisor Ahmed Uddin. LIC of India.
Why FINANCIAL SECURITY is important after RETIREMENT ??? After retirement, our income is far less. Our daily expenses and responsibilities will increase due to inflation. Our health and body become weeker day by day, so medical costs will rise. At this stage if we are financially strong, there will be no burden on our children. We can live our life at our will. We can even contribute to our children in times of need. Pay Rs 300 per day for 25 years and get yearly pension of 4.50 lakhs for lifetime with risk cover of Rs.32 to Rs.72 lakhs for 25 years & cover of Rs. 89 lakhs for lifetime. Contact me to plan your Retirement Today. Ahmed Uddin, LIC Life Insurance Agent.