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LIC's JEEVAN SPARSH... Limited Premium Money Back Plan. Save just Rs.300 per day for 15 years with LIC & turn your dreams to reality. Get assured payout of 1 lakh from 16-20 yr, 5 lakh from 21-24th yr & 10 lac in 25th & 26th yr. Total returns from LIC Rs. 45 Lacs. For more details on LIC's Jeevan Sparsh feel free to contact me @ 9966217344 Ahmed Uddin Best Insurance Advisor and Agent. (Life Insurance Corporation of India )
LIC presents, WEALTH MULTIPLIER PLAN.... Reducing premium increasing Money Back plan. Best Investment Plan for Wealth Creation and NRI Investment plan. Pay Rs.10 lakhs for 10 years, Premium will keep reducing from 11th Yr till 35th year and get Rs.50 lakhs in 16th & 21st yr Rs. 1.33 cr in 25th yr Rs. 1.07 cr in 30th yr and Rs.5 cr in 35th yr from LIC. Feel free to Contact me. Ahmed Uddin, Ahmed Financial Solutions, LIC Insurance Agent and Advisor.