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LIC's JEEVAN LAKSHYA PLAN... Dear Dad and Mom, As I am your Lovable Son/Daughter to you, I wanted to convey my wish to you. Many times I have noticed you talking to your friends and relatives that you have dreams to make me a Doctor or an Engineer. Even I have the same wish as you have. Today morning when I was going to my school, I saw an LIC poster. It mentioned that LIC offers 3 plans for Children like me. Out of which one plan assures the dream of you and me. The plan was Jeevan Lakshya. When children like me reach the stage of higher studies (Doctor or Engineer) this plan is said to pay money. I know pretty well that my Dad and Mom would have planned to save some money for my future. So I would like to ask you "Why not we take an LIC Plan from the amount saved for me?" Will you take Jeevan Lakshya Plan for me? If it is assuring to support my higher studies, is it not advisable to go for one? Please call Ahmed Uncle to Secure my future today. Yours Lovingly, Loving Son/Daughter.
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